Pet Peeves

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Pet Peeves:  We all have them.  For some people, it’s gum snapping; for others it’s soup slurping. I think we can all agree that seeing someone’s thong underwear riding above the waistline of their jeans trumps both of those other two.  But for me, my number one annoyance is poor editing.  Ask any member of my family:  I hate to see information displayed publicly that hasn’t been edited.  How hard is it to review your sign before you hang it on your business door? How about taking a second look at the way you spelled a word before you crawl down the ladder from the marquee?  We had one billboard in our town that put three ds in the word “wedding”.  How does that happen? Worse to me is when authors have blatant mistakes in their writing.  Somehow, the offense is compounded if the error is in a book.  There’s something about having a permanent printed record of the problem.  Now I’m not saying that everything has to be perfect.  But it ought to at least be proofread.  One or two spelling errors does not a crisis make.  But if I find myself distracted by the mistakes, then there’s a problem.  Personally, I use for editing all of my business transactions as well as my manuscripts.  How do you make sure your manuscripts are reader-ready?


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