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Pet Peeves

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Pet Peeves:  We all have them.  For some people, it’s gum snapping; for others it’s soup slurping. I think we can all agree that seeing someone’s thong underwear riding above the waistline of their jeans trumps both of those other two.  But for me, my number one annoyance is poor editing.  Ask any member of my family:  I hate to see information displayed publicly that hasn’t been edited.  How hard is it to review your sign before you hang it on your business door? How about taking a second look at the way you spelled a word before you crawl down the ladder from the marquee?  We had one billboard in our town that put three ds in the word “wedding”.  How does that happen? Worse to me is when authors have blatant mistakes in their writing.  Somehow, the offense is compounded if the error is in a book.  There’s something about having a permanent printed record of the problem.  Now I’m not saying that everything has to be perfect.  But it ought to at least be proofread.  One or two spelling errors does not a crisis make.  But if I find myself distracted by the mistakes, then there’s a problem.  Personally, I use for editing all of my business transactions as well as my manuscripts.  How do you make sure your manuscripts are reader-ready?


Writers Poll

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Katherine Bosley enters her thirties with a new resolve: to live her life only for herself and her special needs daughter. Through with controlling men, she moves to a small town determined to make a fresh start. As a single mother, she certainly has no time for the attentions of a local toy store owner, no matter how devoted he seems to both her and her child. When she finally gives in to her desires, her past threatens to tear apart her world and nearly succeeds, proving to her that while she may not need someone who is just playing with her heart, she does need someone who is Playing for Keeps.

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Second Chances tells the story of a true love lost to the ravages of cancer, leaving 35-year old Chase McCormick alone to care for his four-year old daughter. He seeks help from newly divorced and newly independent AnnaDevereaux who sees this as an opportunity to escape her own childhood nightmares and perhaps become part of a real and loving family. Anna’s troubles date back to her own mother’s murder when Anna was just a child. Now, twenty-five years later, Anna herself is the target and she and Chase work together to keep her safe as well as solve the mystery behind who is trying to kill her. Their investigation takes them back a quarter of a century, and nothing can prepare them for the links that they discover between their families. And the links all lead to murder. Both Chase and Anna must make a decision of whether or not the danger is worth seizing this second chance at love.

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